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Dessert at Temptation The big news is that Christian and Brigitte Moreau have opened Altro Italian Bistro in Porto Cupecoy. It's quite close to Mario Bistrot, putting two of the better chefs on the island next to each other. Porto Cupecoy has had constantly changing restaurants, a bit of shopping, and a mid size gourmet supermarket. Several residences are finished and several are unoccupied. Ernest & Fidel Café has lasted quite a while with a Latin theme and Latin food. Next door is the Blue Mall, which had its grand opening in December of 2013. It has a few restaurants and many shops. Atlantis Casino had several restaurants but there has been a bit of upheaval in the last few years. That includes a remodeling of Atlantis and a name change to Starz. Gondola was sold and failed under new owners, Montmartre became Angelus which became Couple and is now Bluefin. Rare Steakhouse has closed, but Chef Dino's next door restaurant, Temptation, serves its Nouveau Caribbean cuisine and most of Rare's dishes. At Sapphire Beach Club, you'll find Da Paolo for breakfast, lunch, and dinner although at times it is called Planeta. Just over the border is the luxurious and world famous La Samanna and its exquisite restaurant. Shrimp at Temptation

Lowlands map Mario Bistrot Mario Bistrot Temptation Da Paolo Sorry, no website, see the list

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Restaurant Phone Cuisine Location
Altro Italian Bistro Dutch cell (721) 545 3695Italian/French Porto Cupecoy
Mario Bistrot French cell 590 690 77 72 44
Dutch cell (721) 523-2760
French/Seafood Porto Cupecoy
Temptation 545 2254Nouveau CaribbeanStarz Casino
Basilico 545 3645 Italian Starz Casino
Bluefin (721) 584 2626 Fish Starz Casino
Ernest & Fidel Café (721) 546-4833 Latin Porto Cupecoy
Da Paolo 545 2179 x506 Burgers/Pizza/Italian Cupecoy
Delight (721) 523-2672FrenchStarz Casino
Green Monkey (721) 522 2721BBQOcean Club Resort
The Grill (721) 545-4601 Burgers, etc Starz Casino
La Samanna Restaurant 87 64 00FrenchBay Long
Thai Savanh (721) 553-1204ThaiStarz Casino
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